Martech: Conference on the West Coast

Martech: Conference on the West Coast

The best of the MarTech space came together in San Jose, April 3-5.  Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and editor at, rolled out the 2019 landscape.

For the first time, the level of year over year growth was quite minimal – 3% growth and 4.7% churn.  So the new number is 7,040 of total marketing technology solutions.  MarTech had also conducted a survey prior to the conference on the status of the industry – including job titles, functions, level of experience, etc. Review the results of the 2019 MarTech Technology and Operations Salary Survey here.

Ann Lewnes, EVP and CMO of Adobe, joined us to talk about her tenure at the company. For a role that typically Results imagehas a lifespan of 18 months, she shared some of her thoughts on how her tenure of 13+ years has been successful. Her “secret”?  “Always focus on results” – and hey, we GET that here at Definitive RESULTS!

David Raab, Founder of the CDP Institute, shared some of his findings on customer management – reminders of how important it is to build trust with your customers and to always think about putting the control of your product/services in the customers’ or prospects’ hands:

  • Give them options;
  • Let them select the best options, timing and variations; and,
  • Provide them the solutions they need at the time that they need it!

Data imageLinkedIn spoke about how important measurement is in their Sales-Marketing alignment process – both internally and as they see it play out with their customers.  It’s okay if you don’t have the data you need to properly execute the measurement your company needs because you have to start somewhere. Identification of the metrics and how to track them is the important first step to get to an optimized measurement of results.  Here at Definitive Results, we take pride in our work that guides our customers through this identification process that lead to their long-term goals and success.

The big picture takeaway from MarTech West was clear:

  1. There are a LOT of marketing technology solutions out there, and every company’s MarTech stack will be unique to their needs;
  2. Success is driven on the basis of defining results, mapping the path to achieve them, and focusing on the actions that will lead to success; and that,
  3. Ultimately, every company will move forward with the solution that is best for them at the time, so keeping options open in the MarTech industry is imperative.

Building your MarTech stack and overwhelmed by the options? Let’s talk!

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