DC Eloqua User Group: Making the Most of Your Content

DC Eloqua User Group: Making the Most of Your Content

If there’s one thing all Eloqua users can agree on, it’s the need to make the most out of every piece of content. At this week’s Eloqua User Group, Marketing Director of SnapApp, Vanessa Porter, provided a few key insights for creating interactive content to boost demand generation.

Step 1: Unleash Your Potential

Everyday countless new pieces of content are flooding our inboxes, yet writers struggle to keep up with the constant demand for new content. It’s not about creating more content, it’s about re-purposing the good content that already exists. We need to get more out of marketing automation by going deeper with people and learning more about them than just their name, email and phone number.

Step 2: Don’t Be Basic

Put down your pumpkin spice latte and be willing to try something new. Most campaigns follow the same plan – release an asset, execute targeted promotion, track responses, tweak messaging, repeat. While this campaign plan does glean responses, it is limited because it is linear. We need to get creative and understand our customers to serve them better content. Providing relevant content is equipping customers to make them look like heroes and sets your content apart.

Step 3: How to Get Started

Getting started is simple; begin with asking good questions and add real value to the exchange. Compare your content to peers and other leaders in the market. Good interaction leads to more relevant content, more touchpoints, more journeys and more leverage. Canned campaigns can only take you halfway to the finish line. Targets are looking for answers – it’s up to you to create multiple campaign paths to better lead them to relevant content.

It’s not about having a new piece of content every day, it’s about utilizing the existing content and finding multiple new ways to push it out to your targeted audience. Check out SnapApp for some great ways to diversify your content and delivery.

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