Oracle Eloqua User Group May 2019 Recap


DC’s Oracle Eloqua User Group (EUG) May 2019 Update

EUG May 1 DR mtg

On May 2nd we had a wonderful gathering of the DC Eloqua user Group! Alex Moore and Margaret Minium, from Bloomberg, presented their perspective on the Oracle MBX conference, followed by a roundtable of observations from other members who attended EUG. The consensus? It is a worthwhile investment to attend the MBX conference next year! Get in touch with our team to learn more about the conference and its potential opportunities for your business and Eloqua instance.

Following the MBX discussion, Kate Athmer from Integrate led us through a thought-provoking ABM presentation and discussion. A few key takeaways and thoughts to share include:

  • ABM isn’t about purchasing a fancy tool as much as it is gaining alignment internally and executive buy-in on strategy and timing. Once your strategy is defined, THEN look at the tools that will help you accomplish it.
  • Do not neglect your contacts because it is an ACCOUNT based strategy – accounts are made up of people and those people are your decision makers and advocates.
  • Don’t settle for a static account list – as with any marketing effort… analyze and optimize. Accounts that aren’t performing should be removed from your priority lists to make room for accounts that may surface and deserve your focus.

We LOVE getting to catch up with our Eloqua users – this month was packed with opportunity for great networking, discussion and idea sharing and we look forward to regrouping in September.

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