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The September Oracle EUG proved to be very informative.  Attendees learned about PathFactory and interacted with Oracle’s dynamic duo, Wren & Thamina.

Jonathan Parrott joined us from PathFactory and shared some great insight regarding … Read More

The June Oracle Eloqua User Group was one of our best sessions yet. With a full room, two amazing presentations and insightful discussion from the group, everyone walked away with knowledge and ideas to implement at their own companies…. Read More

The DC Eloqua group is a special one. We feel so lucky to have a group of strong Eloqua users who are so interested and willing to share their knowledge and experience with everyone. Hearing about one group member (from a completely different company) calling another when they were stuck … Read More

A recent post on the Eloqua blog identified the best Eloqua reports for measuring your lead scoring efforts.  There are also several data and modelling tips that we found very helpful.


#MQLs by Lead Score and Geography
#MQLs Converted by Lead Score
#MQLs Rejected by lead Score

These three reports will help … Read More

The holidays are upon us, and this is a perfect time to pick up some marketing ideas and tricks for next year.

First in our lineup of holiday reads – a handy list of social media marketing tips from Eloqua.  We like the idea of posting more photos to … Read More

Check out this interesting post on the Eloqua blog, about the intricacies of infographics.  Sixteen experts give their opinions on what makes an infographic work.  We like this response:


“A good infographic compellingly communicates the maximum amount of data in … Read More