5 Tips to Survive and Thrive at Marketo Summit and MME17

5 Tips to Survive and Thrive at Marketo Summit and MME17

Counting down the days until Marketo Summit and Modern Marketing Experience? We are too! In preparation for the Marketing Automation Events of the year, here’s five tips to help you survive and thrive amidst all the marking fun. Tips range from the packing list basics, to advice on selecting sessions and staying organized. So, before you step foot in San Francisco and Mandalay Bay, here’s what you need to know.

Packing List – Classy but Comfortable

While you want to make sure you look sharp every day of the conference, remember your location. Walking around Vegas in stilettos may seem like a great idea in the morning, but by afternoon you’ll regret not opting for more comfortable footwear. Unless you’re staying in San Francisco or Vegas before or after the conference, you won’t be needing your fancy shoes to run the town. In addition to classy but comfy shoes, remember to bring a sweater. Conference rooms will vary in temperature and the last thing you want is to be freezing and dreaming of the beach when you are trying to learn.

Scope out the Agenda

Like a kid in a candy shop, you are going to have a lot of good sessions to choose from. The first step is to find the sessions that apply to a product you are interested in and that narrows down the options. Second step is to find the topic that most interests you and make a list (or mark in the app) the sessions you want to attend. The key is making these decisions ahead of time so you can stay focused on each session and transition through from each session smoothly.

Think Back to School – Take Notes

There is a lot to learn, so take notes and absorb as much information as you can from each session. Marketo Summit and MME are filled with countless great products, topics, use cases and it will be easy to get overwhelmed very quickly. Avoid the feeling of drowning in information and capture key takeaways. Remember to note where to find slides after the conference, so you can apply the new knowledge to your own marketing back home. Amidst all the notes, keep a running list of new ideas for your own marketing as they pop into your head. You’ll be running a million miles a minute and you don’t want innovative ideas to get lost in the mix.

Embrace Your Social Side – Even if You Don’t Have One

I get it, you’re exhausted. Conferences are tiring and after a long day of sessions all you want to do is run back to your hotel room and see if you can catch Dancing with the Stars or the Golden State game. Step away from the remote and get out there and socialize. This is a unique time where you’ll get to hang out with people who live in the same work world as you – they think about marketing automation in the shower too! Seize the opportunity to mix, mingle and network, because connections from the conference can carry you through another year of brainstorming and networking.

Marketo Summit and MME are the Mecca of Marketing Automation, remember to take advantage of that. Learn as much as possible so you can go home insured with new innovative marketing ideas for your company. It is an opportunity to grow at a much faster rate than sitting at a desk. Remember to make the most of every moment, session, and networking event. And have fun!

See you there!


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