It’s Time to Start Thinking about Generation Z

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It’s Time to Start Thinking about Generation Z

If there is one consistent about marketing audiences, it’s that they are ever-changing.  However, it is not every year that a new generation enters the scene.  It is exciting to see how a new group of adults has grown and evolved considering the environment that surrounded their formative years.  Generation Z is next on the scene (born 1995 on).  They do not remember 9/11 and grew up in the economic recession.

Marketo has put together a great infographic of helpful descriptions. A few noteworthy descriptions of this group:

  • Prefer visuals to text
  • Mature, self-directed, and resourceful
  • Want to work for success, don’t expect it to be handed to them

Now that we’ve all adjusted our communication to the Millennial generation, it’s time to wrap our heads around the best communication channels and messaging for Generation Z.

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