Challenges of Marketing Automation Implementation


Challenges of Marketing Automation Implementation

What would you do differently if you could re-live your marketing automation implementation? The marketing execs surveyed in this recent article may be from “down under” but some things, like the challenges of implementing marketing automation platforms, cross the International Date Line! The lessons learned by the featured Australian companies are the same that we see many US businesses experience. A few key points for successful implementation highlighted in the article (and by us when we work with clients!) include:

  • Get to know your data – Perform an audit of your database and outline the data structure needed to meet your needs. What data values are critical for targeted segmentation or serving up dynamic content? What data needs to be passed between your marketing automation tool and other systems?
  • Prioritize learning the basics and testing – Start small, and don’t try to do too many things at once! Master the basics of implementing effective campaigns, segmenting your database, and building out your marketing assets before getting carried away with fancy multi-channel campaigns and elaborate content. By not spreading your resources too thin, you can appropriately test everything before launching campaigns to ensure the best results.
  • Have a plan – Knowing the short-term and long-term goals for your marketing automation tool is critical for a successful implementation. With clear objectives for what you want out of the tool and how it will augment you overall marketing strategy, you can determine both the processes and reporting needed to achieve and measure your business outcomes.

The road to marketing automation is such an awesome journey! But it DOES have potholes along the way. Partner with a team who has been down this road many times before – we know where the potholes are! Having the right people can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth ride to marketing automation success. Let’s talk!

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