Timehop for Email Marketing?


Timehop for Email Marketing?

Have you ever considered how the concept of the popular Facebook Timehop app could be applied as an effective strategy for email marketers? Marketing automation provides a powerful tool that allows marketers to capture consumer preferences and behaviors in real-time and use this information to promote relevant messaging. This article discusses how the Timehop concept presents marketers with a fun and friendly opportunity to develop engaging messages that align a consumer’s past history with their current needs.

The article highlights three ways to help you integrate the Timehop concept into your email marketing strategy:

  • Seasonality – Remind consumers of past seasonal purchases to promote current seasonal offers.
  • Durability – Anticipate when consumers will need to replace or renew current products or services to tailor communications that make it easy for them to make additional purchases.
  • Fashionability – Ensure that your current offers not only leverage past consumer behavior, but also reflect the latest trends in your industry.

The DR team loves incorporating new ideas into our clients’ email marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn how to use your marketing automation tool to tap into consumers’ nostalgic tendencies in the New Year!

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