Master Mobile Marketing with Three Easy Principles

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Master Mobile Marketing with Three Easy Principles

A new article from MarketingProfs outlines how you can master mobile marketing with three easy principles: immediacy, simplicity, and context.

Immediacy:  According to Google, 63% of mobile search-triggered actions happen within one hour of the initial search.  Ensure your marketing efforts target not only your audience, but also their devices.  People use smartphones and tablets differently: smartphone users act in shorter, more frequent bursts; tablet users act for longer periods of time, but less frequently.  Decide which behavior you are looking to elicit from your audience, then target devices based on that information.

Simplicity: Remember that 40% of mobile users will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.  Present the information that mobile users want in as simple a format as possible, or they’ll move on to your competitors.  Keep mobile formats in mind when tailoring content, and don’t expect mobile users to click multiple small links or fill in multiple forms.

Context: Keep your content aligned with your users’ expectations and actions.  Wherever possible, tailor content using purchase history, opt-in lists and third party data, to ensure your message is in context with your users.  A great example in the article – if a customer has just purchased a car, stop sending sales-related messages, and move on to offers related to ownership, like service reminders.  

Check out the full article here.

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