Recap – Oracle Eloqua DC User Group – April 2018

Recap – Oracle Eloqua DC User Group – April 2018

The DC Eloqua group is a special one. We feel so lucky to have a group of strong Eloqua users who are so interested and willing to share their knowledge and experience with everyone. Hearing about one group member (from a completely different company) calling another when they were stuck on an issue reminds us of why we run these sessions and most importantly—that we are a true community.

April 18th was another collaborative, knowledge sharing session!  We heard from Josh Parker, Christine Uncles and Carly Schrager on their recap and observations of April’s Oracle Modern CX event.

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Recap Highlights:

  • Networking proved to be one of the favorite aspects of the conference.
  • GDPR shocker was a hot topic in sessions and during attendees’ hallway conversations.
  • The weather in Chicago wasn’t quite what people expected.
  • The conference space was BIG!

Don’t worry if you missed the speakers.  You can still view Josh’s, Christine’s and Carly’s presentations.


New Eloqua UI_2

Josh and Christine were then joined by fellow local Eloqua user, Jarar Malik, for a panel discussion where we heard some entertaining and inspiring stories about how they achieved their ninja Eloqua skillz, their greatest Eloqua accomplishments and their biggest Eloqua feature requests.

New Eloqua UI_2

What you need to know:

  • Modern CX presentations are available here – when you pick a session, you are able to download the presentation for that session. You do not need to have attended the conference to get these – there is some great content here!
  • Keep your eyes out for our next EUG in early June – seeking a host in Arlington or DC – please contact if interested!


Visit the Washington DC Area Eloqua User Group on Topliners and LinkedIn to stay informed on the details of our next meeting!

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