How HubSpot’s AI Features Help Our Clients

How HubSpot’s AI Features Help Our Clients

The State of AI in HubSpot

Generative AI in HubSpot is designed to help you create, edit, and optimize content. This lets you fine-tune your messaging, experiment with various tones and voices, and simplify complex ideas or verbose copy. The versatility of these tools is particularly beneficial when addressing diverse audience preferences.

Consider this scenario: one segment of your audience responds better to a conversational tone, while another segment prefers a more formal voice. With generative AI, you can quickly switch your draft from one tone to the other, saving valuable time and effort. You’ll be able to boost your A/B testing capabilities and ultimately deliver a tailored experience to your customers.

You can initiate a multi-channel campaign starting with a single piece of content. For instance, if you have a blog post, AI can expand upon the topic to create an eBook and generate social media content based on the same core material. You don’t have to start at square one for every piece of content. Instead, you’ll be able to start with an AI-generated draft of each piece that you can edit to make sure it’s perfect for your needs.

All of these benefits of generative AI not only streamline content creation but also give you more time for strategic decision-making.

HubSpot’s got some slick tricks up its AI sleeve with its SEO, reporting, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features in ChatSpot. These features simplify your day-to-day tasks, like:

  • Conducting SEO analysis. Just ask for “SEM Summary for [insert website here].”
  • Producing reports on your campaigns and audiences. “Show me the results of our most recent marketing campaign.”
  • Creating, updating, and deleting contact records. Tell ChatSpot to “Add contact [name] [email address].”

We think this is really unique benefit to using AI in HubSpot. Right now, HubSpot has prompt templates that it recommends you use with ChatSpot for the best results, but we anticipate that ChatSpot will get better at more complex tasks and understanding prompts as the technology advances.

Here’s our homework for our clients who are adopting AI in their HubSpot instances: start tracking your outcomes. (Just because we’re talking about AI doesn’t mean that our recommendations to track, assess, and strategize are changing!) How many average hours are saved per each content asset that is built? How well is the resulting content performing? Are you rising in search rankings? How are your AI-generated ad and landing page variations performing? This data will be crucial in figuring out which AI features are getting you the results you want.

Finally, it’s worth noting that effectively harnessing AI, whether in content creation or CRM management, requires skill development over time. HubSpot’s features are new and evolving—so training sessions, continuous learning, and expert guidance (like from our consultants) will be invaluable moving forward if you want to maximize the benefits of AI in HubSpot.

HubSpot AI Features

Content Assistant

This tool works hand-in-hand with HubSpot’s existing content marketing tools to help you draft emails, blog posts, and social copy.

How it Works: You can ask a question about a company, for example, and it’ll generate information for you about the number of employees, location, founding year, products or services, and a link to the company’s LinkedIn page. You can also ask for information like “companies in California with [x] number of employees.”

Why Try This Feature: Save yourself time researching and drafting content—without having to leave HubSpot.


ChatSpot lets you use conversational prompts to complete all sorts of tasks, including content generation, SEO analysis, report creation, and (when integrated with HubSpot CRM) CRM actions.

How it Works: Enter a prompt based on ChatSpot’s templates for best results. Try prompts like “Create contact [name] [email address]” and “Summarize website visits this month.”

Why Try This Feature: You’ll save yourself time and benefit from ChatSpot’s insights. Plus, ChatSpot is personalized for your business and marketing goals. Once you share your objectives, it’ll personalize every interaction to your needs.

Generative AI

Generate custom marketing copy, create images for a website, draft product descriptions, and write blog posts. You can also use Generative AI to repurpose existing content into a full campaign or translate an idea into different languages.

How it Works: Enter prompts to draft social posts and blogs and even generate single-page websites.

Why Try This Feature: Let HubSpot come up with ideas for you to supplement your brainstorming sessions and boost your creativity. Plus, you’ll save time and money since your first drafts will be created for you—in just seconds.


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