How Eloqua’s AI Features Help Our Clients

How Eloqua’s AI Features Help Our Clients

The State of AI in Eloqua

The right message at the right time to the right audience—that’s always our goal. Eloqua’s AI features get us closer than ever before.

As marketers, we want to make sure our customers see what we have to offer. But we also understand that if we send too many emails, for example, we can wear out our welcome. We want our contacts to want to hear from us. Eloqua’s fatigue analysis leans on artificial intelligence to help you identify the frequency at which each contact is interested in hearing from your brand as well as the kind of communications. This is so valuable because it monitors each individual contact’s fatigue levels for you, improving your customer experience and ensuring that you’re getting to the right audience.

Eloqua’s also making our customer experiences better through AI-driven send time optimization and subject line optimization. These features use data to personalize your marketing for each of your customers. When they want to hear from you. What they want to hear from you. With send time optimization, Eloqua identifies when each of your contacts is most likely to engage with your message—helping you nail down the right time mentioned above.

You can leverage Eloqua’s subject line optimization too to get the perfect subject lines most likely to get your audience to open your emails. There’s value in your gut feeling on these choices, but these AI features make it easier than ever to get to the level of data-driven personalization and optimization you’ve always wanted for your campaigns. A/B tests are great (and still important), but a feature like this lets you get your subject line right the first time.

And working back to the right message we mentioned earlier, we can make use of Eloqua’s Account Intelligence dashboard. With all this data pulled together with AI-based recommendations in one place, you can target products, timing, and stage of sales cycle communication—tailored to the buyer group behavior you’re seeing.

We encourage you to give these features a try. The first hurdle to communicating with your audience is getting them to open your email. Eloqua’s AI features take some of the analysis, planning, and implementation off of your plate while helping your campaigns perform better than ever.

Eloqua AI Features

Fatigue Analysis

Eloqua’s AI-driven fatigue analysis helps you automate your re-engagement strategies—whether through personalization or changes to frequency or channel.

How it Works: You can use fatigue level as a segmentation filter to efficiently direct contacts with different levels of fatigue toward their most suitable course of action. AI tracks your contacts’ fatigue levels and adapts to initiate precise responses—such as unsubscribing them, directing them towards reactivation or nurturing campaigns, including them in an exclusion list, or modifying their data within Eloqua Marketing Automation or a third-party application. Plus, you can leverage fatigue levels to customize campaign content with various email or landing page variations.

Why Try This Feature: Because it tracks your contacts’ fatigue levels for you, you’re able to invest your time into developing re-engagement strategies. With the AI’s insights into your contacts’ fatigue levels, you’re able to create a better experience for your customers—which might include personalized offers and promotions, extra content, or event invitations to specific fatigue levels. And because it’s instantly updating changes in fatigue levels, your automations are up-to-date and allow for precise responses.

Account Intelligence

Gain insight into accounts that are most actively engaging with your brand.

How It Works: Use the account engagement dashboard to access comprehensive account-level data in a single location, complete with a detailed breakdown of all contact interactions.

Why Try This Feature: This enhanced understanding of contact engagement allows you to discern potential product interests and whether an account’s activity is on the rise, declining, or remaining steady. Armed with this information, you can target the right accounts through improved segmentation, orchestration, and personalization strategies.

Send Time Optimization

Eloqua uses AI to identify the optimal day and time for sending each individual an email.

How It Works: The feature keeps track of past interactions with each contact to decide when they’ve historically engaged with emails and then decides for you the best day and time to email that contact.

Why Try This Feature: By communicating with your contacts when they’re most likely to open your emails, you’re able to improve your campaigns’ performance and customer experience and reduce fatigue.

Subject Line Optimization

Eloqua’s AI helps you optimize your email subject lines to boost your campaigns’ open rates.

How It Works: Eloqua employs machine learning (ML) to recognize words and expressions linked to higher or lower open rates. It then forecasts whether the open rate for your proposed subject lines will exceed or fall below the average. This allows you to pinpoint the most effective subject lines before sending.

Why Try This Feature: It makes it easy to make data-driven decisions on the subject lines that are most likely to be opened by your customers, helping you improve your campaigns’ performance.

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