Campaigns Where AI Helps in Marketing Automation (& Where It Doesn’t)

Campaigns Where AI Helps in Marketing Automation (& Where It Doesn’t)

White robot extending its hand to helpArtificial Intelligence is making great strides in marketing automation, but there are certain campaigns in which AI is more helpful than others. When deciding how and when to start using AI and machine learning in your marketing automation plan, first consider where you will get the most help out of the specific AI features.

Email Marketing Optimization

Helpful ✅

AI tools integrated into platforms like HubSpot can help optimize email subject lines, content, and sending times based on data-driven insights. This can lead to improved open rates and engagement. However, caution should be taken to ensure the content remains authentic and aligned with the brand’s voice.

Lead Nurturing Workflows

Helpful ✅

AI can assist in segmenting leads and automating personalized follow-up emails based on user behavior, ensuring timely and relevant communication. However, it’s important to monitor and fine-tune these workflows to avoid over-automation and ensure a human touch is maintained.

  • Generative AI can help you accelerate the creation of lead nurturing, adopt tone, and personalize sales messaging.
  • You can input data about leads and customers, and it will turn it into customized content for each person based on their needs, interests, and interactions.
  • AI does not research leads for you but will turn research into cohesive and tailored insights

Testing Ad and Landing Page Variations

Helpful ✅

AI can be helpful in effectively creating variations of single pages or ads once you’ve created an example. After creating one page or ad, ask AI to produce 3, 9, or more variations of the same page, which can help make content creation seamless for marketers and leave more time and focus for strategic decisions.

Language Barriers

Helpful ✅

Generative AI can help businesses create content in another language by translating words and adjusting them to sound more natural. Not a substitute for localization and cultural adaptation.

Highly Creative or Artistic Content

Not Helpful ❌

AI may struggle to produce highly creative or artistic content, such as visually engaging graphics, illustrations, or designs. This type of content often requires a human touch and subjective interpretation that AI may not be able to replicate effectively.

Sensitive or Emotionally Charged Communications

Not Helpful ❌

Content that involves sensitive or emotionally charged topics, such as crisis communications, condolences, or highly personalized messages, may not be well-suited for AI generation. These situations often require a level of empathy, understanding, and human connection that AI currently lacks.

Complex Technical Documentation or Specialized Industries

Not Helpful ❌

In industries with highly specialized terminology, intricate technical details, or specific domain knowledge, AI may struggle to generate accurate and contextually appropriate content. Human expertise and understanding are often crucial for producing content that is accurate and tailored to the needs of the audience.

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