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Artificial Intelligence is making great strides in marketing automation, but there are certain campaigns in which AI is more helpful than others. When deciding how and when to start using AI and machine learning in … Read More

Marketo’s artificial intelligence and machine learning features are already helping marketers automate tasks, personalize customer experiences, and improve campaign performance.

These features are primarily activated through Dynamic Chat, which helps make these AI and ML features … Read More

Marketing automation has revolutionized the way businesses market to their customers. By automating repetitive tasks and workflows, marketing automation helps businesses save time and money, improve the customer experience, and boost marketing results.

Now, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning … Read More

In May, Adobe Marketo Engage announced Interactive Webinars. This new feature, powered by Adobe Connect, lets you create, promote, launch, and view results of a webinar or event all in Marketo. And because all your event marketing data will … Read More

When it comes to email marketing, our goal is to create connections between our audiences and our brands. Tracking and reporting are crucial in evaluating the performance of our marketing engine and improving our strategies.

Enter today’s topic: bot … Read More

The 2023 Adobe Summit was held in Las Vegas, marking the first in-person event in three years! While Adobe has many exciting new technologies coming out, some of the most exciting new features—like Adobe Sensei GenAI—are coming to … Read More