2023 Marketo Engage Roadmap: What You Need to Know from Adobe Summit

2023 Marketo Engage Roadmap: What You Need to Know from Adobe Summit

Hand drawn site planThe 2023 Adobe Summit was held in Las Vegas, marking the first in-person event in three years! While Adobe has many exciting new technologies coming out, some of the most exciting new features—like Adobe Sensei GenAI—are coming to Marketo Engage. Definitive Results was in Las Vegas for the Adobe Summit, and we caught what was on the roadmap for Adobe Marketo Engage in 2023.

Visual Journeys

Adobe has incorporated significant enhancements to the way smart campaigns are viewed in Marketo. The latest edition of Visual Journeys enables marketers to examine their smart campaigns in two distinct ways:

  • The conventional rule builder used by most users
  • A visual interface that presents all smart list criteria, flow steps, and scheduling on a single page

This not only provides a more user-friendly interface for beginner Marketo users, but also provides flow style visualization which can be easily screen captured for presentations or to create training guides. The Visual Journeys functionality simplifies the process of validating and resolving issues with their automation logic which should save users significant time in setup, testing, and troubleshooting (particularly with complex Marketo programs).

Coming Summer 2023

Interactive Webinars Platform

In a clear effort to expand the capabilities of Adobe Marketo Engage into new areas, Adobe has announced the launch of the Interactive Webinar Management platform. This novel platform empowers marketers to build and conduct webinars directly from the Marketo platform using the Adobe Connect suite. The platform permits the collection of Q&A and poll data, and it facilitates automated follow-up triggers and lead scoring or nurturing activities. This feature is particularly advantageous for smaller teams with restricted resources and a tight budget for webinar management.

Additionally, the Interactive Webinar Management platform will save Marketo users time with pre-set tokens that cover all webinar-related emails and automatic campaign creation. Four types of dashboards will let users measure success of each Marketo webinar campaign.

Coming Fall 2023

Dynamic Chat with Adobe Sensei GenAI

Adobe acknowledged the growing complexity of the B2B buying process, which necessitates Marketing and Sales to collaborate more closely than ever before to ensure that the right leads are delivered to Sales at the appropriate time. As a result, Adobe launched dynamic chat capabilities via Marketo.

Dynamic chat—which includes chatbot capabilities, booking meetings with Sales, and CRM routing—has become increasingly prevalent among prospects. With the forthcoming improvements in 2023, Marketo dynamic chat will provide personalized experiences using Adobe Sensei Generative AI, such as suggesting additional content for buyers to explore. Additionally, the ability to include a live Sales representative during the chat will provide a more human experience. The entire chat will be logged in CRM for improved reporting.

The biggest news in chat is Adobe Sensei GenAI, which uses generative AI to bring Marketing and Sales teams closer together by providing real-time conversational experiences that result in faster time to market, increased pipeline, and more scheduled meetings. The platform offers generative chat capabilities that can turn chatbots into brand ambassadors, answering questions in a natural way that reflects the brand’s personality and tone. Additionally, conversation summaries can prepare sales agents for meetings and live chats by providing details on customer intent, topics discussed, content shared, and campaign goals. Finally, conversation and dialog assist can automatically generate a full library of topics, questions, and responses for both generative chat and sales reps during live conversations.

Coming Fall/Winter 2023

Improved Analytics with Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure

Marketo Measure Ultimate in the Adobe Experience Platform will enable users to connect any CRM data source, marketing automation platform, or internal data warehouse that’s available within the platform, including both online and offline sources. Once the data is available, users can set up field mapping according to their attribution reporting requirements to run reports such as first-touch, multi-touch, lead creation, and opportunity creation. Users will also have access to their own personal warehouse for reporting purposes.

Plus, Adobe’s Attribution AI within the Marketo Measure platform is introducing advanced AI modeling for attribution reporting. With this update, marketers can determine which campaigns are necessary to move a buyer from a specific point in the funnel to a closed-won opportunity. By using AI to identify the most impactful campaigns for different audiences, marketers can better plan their campaigns for maximum impact.

Coming Fall/Winter 2023

The integration of Adobe Sensei GenAI is enhancing the capabilities of Marketo Engage as a comprehensive marketing automation platform; the newly introduced Visual Journeys feature makes the platform more user-friendly, while the Interactive Webinar Management tool simplifies the setup process for managing webinars; and dynamic chat, powered by GenAI, will be a significant engagement driver—so our team at Definitive Results couldn’t be more excited about the future of Adobe Marketo Engage.

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