Time to Evaluate Your MarTech Stack

Do you know what technology you have in your tech stack? Likely, you have more than you think you do!


Hear from our Founder and CEO, Carly Schrager, on why a MarTech stack evaluation should be a priority on your to-do list.

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 [Transcript] I’m running an on-site on the 10th floor conference room, view of the city, and I notice team members looking across the table at their global counterparts, realizing they’ve been using the same technology, in different ways, and with different processes.

We were working with a large global company with a mess of a tech stack. They had over 50 marketing technologies. That may sound like a more extreme example than what your company is experiencing but what is common these days, is that companies don’t know what’s in their MarTech stack.

Now more than ever, it’s really important to know what technology you’re paying for. Is it providing the value that you were hoping it would provide? Are you paying for more licences and features than you need? Now’s a really good time to talk to your vendors; if you can consolidate licences or renegotiate terms, or eliminate features that you thought you’d get to use but you know you’re not going to, now’s the time to do it!

And if you’re a company that’s in a more bare-bones situation, where your sole focus is 2020 revenue, compare your technology that you have to your 2020 goals and if it doesn’t align, remove it.

For everyone, go to your Marketing Ops lead and ask for an inventory of your MarTech stack – they may not have one and that’s okay; Marketing Ops leaders have been buried. But now’s a really good time to step back and create one.

We’ve got a MarTech Stack Toolkit that’ll help you get started, not just for inventorying, but also to look at the key factors to consider when looking at your MarTech spend and how to reign it in to get through this year.

As always, we’re here to help with questions or support, and help you get your MarTech stack house in order.

Thank you!

Download the MarTech Stack Evaluation Executive Toolkit









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