Marketing Automation Platforms: Not Just A Marketing Tool

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) may be labeled a “marketing” tool in your tech stack, but they can be so much more!


Hear from our Founder and CEO, Carly Schrager, on how you can leverage your MAP to meet your flexing priorities in 2020:

Download the Marketing Automation Executive Toolkit

 [Transcript] Did you ever think how your marketing automation tool is capable of more than just marketing?

Now’s the time to think outside the box. Yes, use your tool to send emails, and that’s great. But what if you could more than just email with your MA tool?

What if your boss came to you and said, “Amazing work! Other departments are seeing how helpful Marketing is to their processes!” What if you won the, Most Comprehensive Use of your MA Tool at the next User Awards ceremony?

From employee on-boarding programs, to customer advocacy, to support follow-up, there are a lot of non-traditional use cases for your automation tool. You pay the same amount for the platforms, so why not find other ways to get return on that investment?

Ask your team the top two to three things they spend the most time on per month. Step back, and see if automation could take any of that off their plates. If you do that once per quarter, you’re gonna continue to chip away at the processes that are taking manual time away from your team, or other teams at the company! And you’ll start to hear a lot more appreciation for your team, and your MA tool.

We have an automation toolkit that’ll give you the steps you need to bring this process to your company. So click on this post to download the toolkit, and we would love to help you brainstorm non-traditional ways to get use out of your MA tool!


Download the Marketing Automation Executive Toolkit







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