Brace for Impact: You Get Definitive Results

Brace for Impact: You Get Definitive Results


Definitive Result specializes in the selection, strategy, optimization, and execution of MarTech platforms including but not limited to Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. We provide best practice recommendations and roadmaps to maximize your marketing automation platform ROI.

What You Know: it is not only essential to have available human resources, but it is paramount to prove impact and get results. And in many cases, resources are just not available, institutional knowledge is lacking and decisions don’t transition into (successful) implementation.

What We Know: the complex nature of demanding organizations, the siloed structure of sales and marketing teams, the misalignment of defined goals, and the lacking technologies that fail to drive the results you need to get your job done.

With more than 30+ years of combined experience, DR consultants exist to deliver sustainable solutions. Our testimonials speak to our commitment… read them here.

See the short video below (transcript to follow-along), to better understand the DR approach, promising a partnership you can rely on to meet your needs and reach your goals.

[Transcript] The world of marketing is constantly evolving. Marketing is more personalized. Data is leveraged like never before. Marketing is quickly turning into a science. One thing is for sure, marketing is still all about results. DR enables clients to leverage the power of data and sales and marketing technologies to improve customer engagement, drive sales and deliver growth.

No matter the task at hand, DR follows our proven methodology to reach client goals.

  • We begin by defining the vision and objectives through strategic discovery workshops and strategy development or optimization.
  • We then analyze the current state of systems and processes, to refine our strategy. This is accomplished through workshops, system audits and technology recommendations.
  • With our strategy and objectives defined, we execute our plans through implementations, integrations, and program development.
  • Finally, we test and optimize our plan through change management, customized training and troubleshooting.

Definitive Results is comprised of real people and former business leads experienced managing some of the most challenging sales and marketing technology projects imaginable.

Progressing the world of sales and marketing technologies one client at a time.


What better way to learn about who we are, than straight from our dedicated leaders? We asked, “How would YOU describe Definitive Results?”

“An extension of your team – who you can trust to provide the best strategic guidance AND get the work done in your system – and enjoy working with at the same time.” – Carly

“A team that allows you to delegate initiatives and know that that they are being handled by experts and will not require oversight, freeing up your time to focus on your other strategic goals.” – Adam

“We’re comprised of smart, caring and dedicated professionals who go above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients. Our clients’ success truly is our success.” – Jen

“We take the term “partnership” to heart. Our goal is to see our clients not only succeed but excel in their Marketing Automation journey. Our team consistently thinks well beyond the box, developing unique and custom strategies and processes for each client to set each up to achieve this success.” – Margy

“We aren’t just interested in dealing with your immediate challenges.  We really want to be a part of your team…getting to know you as people and understanding and helping to guide you to the next level.” – David

“Definitive Results is not just any consulting firm. It proves to be, time and time again, a successful partner, an innovative collaborator, and a rock-star solution for its client base.” – Zeina

Get to know Definitive Results, what we do, and who we are. And most importantly, our results.

Contact us here to start your digital transformation today.

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