Ideas for Summer Wins: the DR Down-low!

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Summertime and the livin’ is easy… so use the time to get some big wins while others are out on vacation!  Below are some ideas to take advantage of the nice weather, quieter office but still show the bosses that you’ve been productive and help you to achieve your goals!

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  1. You’re half-way through the year – pull together your mid-year reporting. Not only will this save you time in your year-end reporting process but it will give you insight into what’s working, and what isn’t.
  2. Develop or update your nurture strategy – take the team outside in the sun to think outside the box! Scribble down your notes and then come up with the execution plan inside, on a rainy day.
  3. Write the blog post(s) you’ve been putting off! This is a great activity to do in an inspirational spot of your choice – find a shady tree or park bench and write away! PS: some of the BEST literature was drafted outdoors… find that inspiration with sunscreen.
  4. Have an old lead scoring model… or no lead scoring at all? Take a day to step away from the usual work routine and redefine your logic. Start with a clean slate and ask yourself what factors impact a lead’s value at this point in your business and put together your draft model to present to your company’s Sales team.
  5. Have you looked at your email or landing page templates recently? Review how they are performing, how they are rendering, and brainstorm some new, fresh design ideas.  Test something new to see if it outperforms your winners.
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  6. Get out and talk to customers and prospects – get some face-time with your customers and prospects! Take them to coffee or lunch, ask them about their experience in searching for your product or service, and learn whats it’s like to on-board as a new customer? Everything they say can be helpful to drive the vision or a new approach for the Fall season.
  7. Looking to update your MarTech stack in the next year? Step away from your usual routine to put together the list of requirements and things you’d love to have in your new technology.  You can do this anywhere – we suggest a picnic lunch!

Sometimes you can’t figure out how to get started, or you know you’d benefit from experts in marketing automation that can give you the efficiency and results you’re looking for – give us a call! At Definitive Results, we take pride in helping companies like yours catch up, while your competitors are missing out on the beach.


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