Attribution Reporting: Know What’s Working (and what isn’t)

Have you nailed down your attribution reporting model?


Hear from our Founder and CEO, Carly Schrager, on the importance of attribution reporting and how you can get started today!

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 [Transcript] “I need to trim the budget but how do I find the dollars I can cut with the most minimal impact to the bottom line?”

Many marketing leaders are finding themselves in the position to answer this question, and the reality is, if you don’t have the reports that you need, you’re not actually equipped to make that decision.

I was talking to one of our clients the other day who’d used our toolkit to alter the strategy of his team’s reporting, in order to align to the circumstances of this year. He said he was meeting with his Marketing Ops lead and when they reevaluated their reporting strategy with their current new goals, they needed to shift from deeper-dive funnel analytics to looking at a more granular channel breakout. This was the best new path to answer their most pressing needs now.

Meaningful reporting has a lot of elements to it: data management, executive alignment, integrations, but don’t let that overwhelm you from actually getting started. If you don’t start now, the next time you’re in a spot where you’ve got to make a quick real-time decision, you definitely won’t have the information you need.

As a marketing leader, your job right now is to clearly define what information you need to make these quick decisions. Bring that to your Marketing Ops lead and let them translate it into reporting requirements. Once you’ve defined the requirements, you can create a gap analysis to figure out what needs to change in order to get those reports created.

Typically, at this point in the conversation, I’m asked if we have anything that can help you get started on this at your company. So, we’re making our Attribution Reporting Toolkit available to you by clicking in this post and as always, we’re here to help to answer additional questions or provide support through the process.

Thank you!

Download the Attribution Reporting Executive Toolkit






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