Oracle EUG September 2018 Recap


Oracle EUG September 2018 Recap

The September Oracle EUG proved to be very informative.  Attendees learned about PathFactory and interacted with Oracle’s dynamic duo, Wren & Thamina.

Oracle Eloqua DC Area User Group

Jonathan Parrott joined us from PathFactory and shared some great insight regarding the technology evolution of nurturing leads – giving them “bingeable” content when and where they want it. Shocker – this leads to huge increases in content consumption in a shorter time period, ultimately accelerating lead conversion velocity!  Who doesn’t want that?!

Jonathan Parrott from PathFactory

Wren and Thamina presented on recently released Eloqua features and the exciting additions to come in the next two releases.

  • Landing Page Response Editor – They are getting great feedback on the new editor!  You can even add video background (if you have an SSL certificate) to your LPs.  Although this is not presently in General Availability, you can request access to it via Controlled Availability.  Submit an SR and it will “magically” appear in your instance!
  • Add sticky notes to your Program and Campaign Canvases to leave notes for yourself or other users on where you are with the build.
  • Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Outlook is now in General Availability. If you have Engage, it’s free!
  • The new, speedy Salesforce integration is expected to roll out in November in Controlled Availability.
  • Social Publishing – Create a landing page, schedule a push to LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Further off in the roadmap, but very exciting are…

  • Send Time Optimization – One piece of the Artificial Intelligence Oracle is building into Eloqua. It identifies the day of week and time of day that individuals open emails and sends THEIR email at THEIR optimal time.
  • More Preinstalled apps – like Litmus and Slack

Wren Ludlow from Oracle Eloqua   Thamina Christensen from Oracle Eloqua

To watch the official Webinar Replay of the Product Roadmap, check out the Oracle Eloqua Product Briefing Series Webinar Replays page on Topliners.

Visit the Washington DC Area Oracle Eloqua User Group on Topliners and LinkedIn to stay informed on the details of our next meeting!

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