The Future is Bright: Marketo’s Revenue Kick-Off Meeting 2019

The Future is Bright: Marketo’s Revenue Kick-Off Meeting 2019

Marketo continued their annual tradition of embracing certified Marketo partners at their revenue kickoff event (RKOM). This year brought us to San Francisco, CA for a few days of marketing automation innovation, insights of the Adobe vision within the Marketo platform, and even more extensive collaboration with the Marketo sales team.

Highlights & Takeaways

The Atmosphere. Adobe employees were present and spread out at every opportunity to network with Marketo and partner crews – there was no doubt that the Adobe team is welcoming, enjoy their jobs and are proud of their company. Rest assured, the Marketo employees are not nervous or hesitant about this acquisition – they proved eager to understand the best ways to adapt and reaffirm their identity to the public as “Team Adobe”.

As a Certified Marketo Partner, this positive assessment of the recent acquisition was great to see and gives us comfort that our customers will feel the same – Definitive Results is confident that clients using Marketo are not to be afraid of what might happen to their customer experience, but rather, feel comfortable that their businesses will be valued and will remain supported in their successes.

Keynote. Steve Lucas introduced his success story of when he was a Sales Development Representative and said he wanted to be the CEO of a billion-dollar company. His boss exclaimed his disdain, iterating to Lucas that he could not make it as CEO, using the conventional hierarchical explanation of “I’m your manager and I haven’t moved up yet.” To which Lucas replied, “Why not? – why not me?!” 

The “why not me?!” is what gave incentive for Lucas to move up, up, up… and to eventually become the CEO of a billion-dollar company.

We all need to approach our careers and lives that way – why not me? 

Never let others hold you back because of their preconceived ideas.

Technology Innovation. The following integrations with Adobe products were introduced at RKOM, and we think you’ll be impressed:

  • Adobe Photoshop will be native in Marketo – no separate license will be required and no more extra work exporting an image to edit and re-import as you can do it all right in the platform!
  • Adobe Experience Manager – this integration is also on top of the list to integrate into Marketo. Using the Abode Creative Cloud, future Marketo instances will seamlessly integrate between your company’s CRM and Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools, bringing marketing efficiency and a more custom, relevant user experience.

The Marketo-expanded “Team Adobe” is attacking these integrations immediately, which is when the Marketing Automation industry will really get to see the power of an acquisition like this one.  Historically, many acquisitions have struggled to perfect integrations for customers, preventing them from reaping the benefits of a powerful combination. We found first-hand at RKOM that the future of the Adobe-Marketo revenue plan is proving bright – purple and red.

Take Action.

Are you already a Marketo customer or considering becoming a Marketo customer and curious of the impact the Adobe acquisition will bring to the process? Are you excited or apprehensive about the future of the platform we know and love? Let us know! Drop us an email or connect with us on social media and let us know your concerns. We’ll keep you in-the-know as we navigate what will likely be a year of many changes.

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