Unwrapping the New Release Updates

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Unwrapping the New Release Updates

When you’re a modern marketer, a new release update can feel like Christmas morning! We are unwrapping the gifts from the latest update, Version 469, which was completed this past week for all pods. Learn about the new features and enhancements:

Campaign Canvas:

  • Add contacts to a cloud step on the campaign canvas by utilizing the “Add to Campaign” or “Move to Campaign” step. Learn More
  • Modify the segment step execution frequency. Learn More
  • Send emails to subscribed/unsubscribed members and master exclude contacts to ensure they don’t miss out on critical non-marketing notifications. Learn more

Simple Email Campaigns:

  • Advanced sending option that allows emails to be sent to past recipients.
    Simple Email Campaigns Past Recepients
  • The click-through rate is now available as a winning metric options.
    A/B Testing Winning Email Metrics
  • Close/complete the campaign after the A/B test has ended. Learn more
  • Operational reports are now available on the campaign canvas. Learn more
    Campaign Operational Reports
  • Timezone label is now displayed to the right of the date and time on the send later option for simple email campaigns. The timezone is based on the timezone selected in your user profile.
    Timezone Send Time


  • Separate profile and engagement criteria in the lead score segment filter.


  • Select the Eloqua Contact ID as a unique match field for list uploads, instead of email address when utilizing the alternative unique match identifier.

Landing Pages:

  • Create landing page templates or upload a landing page template in HTML format. If you don’t see this option then the template manager permissions may need updated. Learn more
    Blank Template Blank HTML Template
  • Can now create a landing page from scratch using the HTML Source Editor. Learn more
    Landing Page HTML Source Editor


  • See specific error messages around batch failures to help determine what needs to be fixed and when you need to call support.
  • Can create an email from scratch using the HTML Source Editor (same as landing pages). Learn more

Bulk API:

  • An error message is now displayed when attempting to create entities with incorrect data types

Read more about the recent Release Notes or visit the Release Resource Center to keep track of upcoming versions.

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