How to perform an A/B Test

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How to perform an A/B Test

You already know that utilizing the A/B testing procedure is critical in learning what increases deliverability, increases click-through rates, and decreases unsubscribes; but how exactly do you complete an A/B test?

The key to completing an accurate A/B test is to change one element of your email at a time. You may have multiple ideas of what to change but you need to make changes one at a time to learn how each change impacts your results.

Planning is key! You need time to properly complete an A/B test. Send 10% of your list the original version of the email and the other 10% your revised email. Once you determine which version performs best, send the remaining 80% of the list the winning email. Some marketing automation systems automate the A/B testing process within their system (cool).

What elements of your email should you test?

  1. From Name and From Address
  2. Subject Line – personalization, length, call-to-action, etc.
  3. Email Design – html vs text, color, font size, etc.
  4. Email Content – headlines, placement, call-to-action, length, number of images, etc.
  5. Timing – day of week and time of day

Review Hubspot’s 5 Email Testing Best Practices and contact your DR Divas for assistance on testing your assets!

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