Oracle Support Portal Tips ‘n Tricks


Oracle Support Portal Tips ‘n Tricks

TIP: Search Smarter and Faster

Let’s face it, transitioning into the new Oracle Support portal is a bit daunting. Not only is the Oracle Support portal for Eloqua, but it also contains support issues and content for EVERY piece of Oracle hardware and software on the market. That’s A LOT to sift through. And taking the time to learn a new portal isn’t a big thrill or even an option for most hectic schedules. Lucky for you, we at DR have got your back.

The great news is that Oracle has collected and aggregated TONS of helpful Eloqua information just waiting to be discovered and read. The problem: being new to the Oracle Support portal, you might not know where to look or even how to just find the Eloqua material you need.

The first thing I recommend doing is making friends with the “PowerView”. It is a nifty little button located at the upper left of the Support portal, next to the Oracle logo.  This button is off by default, but you’re going to want to keep it on after you set it up properly.

Here’s how to narrow down your searches in the Oracle Support portal to only Eloqua related items:

  • Click on the arrow and choose “Turn Power View On”
  • Next choose “Edit”
  • A pop-up will appear to “Update PowerView”
  • Next choose “Product” from the “is one of” drop-down menu, and type Eloqua in the search box.  Two options will populate:

– Oracle Eloqua Content Marketing Cloud Service
– Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service

  • Select them both and choose “Update”


Neat-o, but what did we just do? From now on, when you search for anything in the Knowledge tab (or global search), it will be automatically filtered to just Eloqua topics. So instead of sifting through thousands of non-Eloqua related content, you skipped right to the gold. Awesome, right?

With the new Oracle Support portal, it’s easy to get lost in content. However, just setting up this little option is going to save you some time, headaches, and maybe even some sanity. You’re welcome  🙂

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