Oracle EUG February 2019 Recap


Oracle EUG February 2019 Recap

Kick Off: Awesome.

The Eloqua User Group meeting kicked off 2019 with a bang! In case you missed the action, updates, and innovative direction from the Oracle experts, see our key takeaways below. Interested in more? Visit LinkedIn to stay informed on the details of our next meeting!


Marketing to 1: On Steroids

Oracle’s Wren Ludlow started the group discussion with a rundown of the Modern Marketing Express Tour.  While Definitive Results highly recommends attending the Tour if you have the opportunity, our main takeaway was this:

Marketers of the future will create moments for customers, not just campaigns.

True innovators in our space will be customer-obsessed!

As a result of the customer focus, we are about to see the buyer’s journey transform from a linear step-by-step process to unique, individual experiences.

But here is the daunting question: How exactly are we going to create such individual journeys for our customers?  Eloqua and the Oracle Marketing Cloud are evolving to tackle this question.  Look out for Eloqua features and enhancements in upcoming releases that focus on data intelligence, multi-channel marketing and increased personalization.

To watch the official Webinar Replay of the Product Roadmap, check out the Oracle Eloqua Product Briefing Series Webinar Replays page on Topliners.


Communication: Thinking Outside the Inbox

Alternative MediaNext up, Marne Reed from PFL echoed Wren’s thoughts on engaging customers with the right message and the right channels.  Given the large volume of email customers receive on a daily basis (a significant portion of which no one has the time to read), the opportunity to communicate beyond the inbox is now an essential marketing tool.  And again, the big question here: How do we break out of the inbox?  Multi-channel marketing can certainly help.  PFL specializes in direct mail, sending customers care packages to make them wonder, what’s in the box? Sending the right care package to someone can help start a conversation or make a prospect more receptive to receiving a sales call.

It’s time to get creative with communication! So marketers, put your thinking caps on and let’s come up with some new ideas to engage our customers in fun and creative ways!

To discuss the Oracle Eloqua User Group, marketing automation solutions, and other 2019 marketing technologies, contact us here!

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