Modern Marketing Tour – Atlanta


Modern Marketing Tour – Atlanta

The first Modern Marketing Tour stop was in Atlanta last week. As a longtime Eloqueen, I was very interested to see what the new tour would be like now that the Oracle acquisition has more firmly taken hold. Here is Definitive Results’ take on the first tour stop:

  1. Great customer presentations! As always, Eloqua customers know how to tell a good story and share their successes. And everyone loves to collaborate on creative ways to leverage the system.
  2. The transition has been made in branding from “Oracle Eloqua” to “Oracle Marketing Cloud”. The only branding we saw was “Oracle Marketing Cloud”. Most sessions started with the question “Who in here is an Eloqua customer?” Well that felt silly since 99% of the room raised their hands…that’s why we’re here!
  3. As predicted, 2014 is still the year of the customer so there was a lot of talk about marketing to and harnessing the power of your customer advocates. As well as a heavy emphasis on metrics and data – which always makes us warm and fuzzy.
  4. Atlanta knows how to do food! They had yummy eats!

I also learned a few things about the Atlanta Eloqua users:

  1. They host numerous gatherings completely initiated by users, outside of the Eloqua sponsored events. Love that enthusiasm!!
  2. Scott McNabb announced that Atlanta has a very high percentage of Markie award finalists in comparison to other geographic regions. Way to raise the bar!
  3. Atlanta users were a very welcoming bunch to this Northerner, and I met some great people. Thank you for being such great hosts!
  4. Next stop…Denver! Looking forward to seeing what twist the mountain state brings to the MMT.

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