Spotlight on Email Marketing – Design for the Inbox

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Spotlight on Email Marketing – Design for the Inbox

You’ve conquered email deliverability issues, but what about how the email actually looks in the inbox? According to the 2015 State of Marketing Survey by, 73% of the marketers surveyed indicated that email remains the core marketing channel for their business, and almost 80% cited email content and design as absolutely critical for ensuring campaign effectiveness.

We’ve all experienced that frustrating moment after you’ve spent hours coding the perfect email in Eloqua’s HTML editor to only find the Eloquirks that show up in different browsers and platforms. Our Eloqua Email 101 Guide can help with solutions for preventing the most common HTML email editor design errors.

A few tips to ease your pain include:Eloqua Email 101 Guide

  • Declare as many parameters and attributes as possible – leave nothing for interpretation.
  • Keep it simple with code and design – forget <div> tags and go old-school with tables.
  • Don’t rely on CSS – some popular email clients, such as Gmail, strip out embedded CSS.
  • Don’t let images impair deliverability – avoid text-based images, keep size to a minimum, and declare alt parameters.

Download the complete guide for more browser and platform specific tips, including rules to optimize for mobile, or contact us to discuss ways to improve your email marketing strategy and success.


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