Meet Your Future Customer – Generation Z

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Meet Your Future Customer – Generation Z

Our latest post discussed how marketers must change their strategies to survive in the “Age of the Customer”. A large number of these customers will be members of “Generation Z”. Who are Gen Z exactly? Many of us are raising them now! These are the kids born from 1994 – 2010.  In this post, Jeffrey Hayzlett calls them “Millenials on Steroids”.  A few important notes about getting through to Gen Z:

  • Immediacy – They are online everywhere all the time. This means that, with so much technology at their fingertips, the average attention span is getting shorter. This generation demands immediacy, best reached via creative images and just a few words – that’s it. If you don’t capture their attention quickly, they’re moving on.
  • Data Analytics – Being online everywhere all the time does give saavy marketers the benefit of capturing rich data on the preferences and behaviors of Gen Z’ers. To take full advantage of this data, marketers must have robust systems in place to gather and act on their constantly changing behaviors.
  • Brand Loyalty – Members of Gen Z don’t remember a time before social media. As a result, marketers must invest in resources to keep on top of the evolving social environment. A brand ambassador who monitors the brand’s social reputation, responds to praises, addresses complaints, and ultimately build a consistently positive conversation around your brand is critical for engaging with Gen Z.

At DR, we love to watch the world of marketing and communications evolve. To talk about keeping your marketing efforts up-to-date on the latest trends, contact us!

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