The Age of the Customer

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The Age of the Customer

The marketing world continues to try to find ways to remain relevant to consumers in what Forrester is calling the “Age of the Customer”. In this digital era, empowered customers have real-time access to extensive information about a company’s products and services, as well as reputation and pricing. As a result, consumers are armed with more information than they ever have been in the past. For companies to thrive today, they need to adjust their marketing strategies and messaging tactics to accommodate their increasingly more knowledgeable consumer base.

How does one succeed in this new age?  We’re glad you asked.  Below is a summary of the 10 tips on winning in the age of customer according to Forrester Research!

  1. Shake up the leadership team:  Executives need to be nimble and adapt their organizational structure in a way that allows the company to best implement and execute consumer-centric strategies.
  2. Become consumer-obsessed: Forget the old way of doing business.  Develop new tactics that speak directly to your audience’s individual needs.
  3. Invest in culture:  Investing in culture will drive change and ability to adapt with the market.
  4. Create a personalized experience: Consumers expect companies to understand their personal needs.
  5. Ensure that your consumer experience is comprehensive: Companies that differentiate themselves in terms of consumer experience will change their operations to ensure a consistent, cohesive experience across multiple disciplines.
  6. Operate at full speed:  Operate in a flexible and scalable environment where changes in the market don’t slow you down.
  7. Take loyalty programs to the next level:  Develop new loyalty programs that include customer participation in product design and allow for interaction with your brand.
  8. Utilize your analytics: Use your data and analysis to drive personalization across platforms and touchpoints
  9. Become a digital guru:  Separate your company from others by becoming an expert in digital
  10. Take privacy considerations seriously: Make privacy matters a top priority to win the trust and loyalty of your customer base.

Need help creating your own consumer-obsessed, marketing strategies?  Contact us to get started today!

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