Marketing Automation – Presidential Style

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Marketing Automation – Presidential Style

We are always seeking cool examples of marketing automation in action. This post provides great insight into how the Obama administration uses marketing automation for campaign efforts! The best part about the post is that it highlights the notion that the success of campaign marketing efforts is not necessarily a result of novel ideas, but rather from understanding and implementing best practices in lead generation and nurturing.

Marketing automation tools are critical when it comes to gathering lead information and activity, as well as storing this data for targeted marketing campaigns. To summarize, it’s all about data and process. Ensure that you have the tools in place to capture both the explicit and implicit data about your prospects, and then use that data in automated processes for nurturing your prospects with relevant content at the right time.

With the State of the Union address tonight, check out the post for more details on how the Obama administration continues to harness the power of marketing automation. And, drop us a line to learn about how we can help translate these ideas to actionable goals for your business marketing strategy!


Photo Credit: By Tina Hager (White House photographer) [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons

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