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Social technology is making it easier and more important for businesses to engage with customers.  It’s not just about listening to what your customers are saying on Facebook, but opening a real dialogue, and taking feedback into account for product development and marketing.

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You probably already know that one of the most important parts of a marketing email is the subject line.  It has to be interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention, of course, but it also needs to prevent the email from being identified as spam.


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Check out this great article from Eloqua, that provides tactics for reclaiming your lost contacts, both bouncebacks and unsubscribes.


The article covers the four types of lost contacts: Soft Bounce, Hard Bounce, List Unsubscribe and Global Unsubscribe; and lists some really great strategies for … Read More

Here is an interesting article to kick off your day.

A study published by Lenskold Group / Pedowitz Group in 2012 indicated that companies using marketing automation report increases in leads, sales and revenue metrics.

Over 60% reported better quality leads generated and passed to sales, and almost half … Read More

A new study conducted by the Platt Retail Institute and the American Marketing Association has identified some really interesting points about budget allocation in marketing.

The study compared the budget allocation of 11 different marketing channels, to their perceived ROI and importance.

The study suggests that marketers are spending too … Read More

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