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So you’re knee deep in tracking all of your crucial marketing metrics and rates. You’ve compared those rates with industry benchmarks. You discover that you are average in some areas, lower in others, possibly leading your industry in some (woohoo!). As a modern marketer, what’s the question you should be … Read More

It’s no surprise that triggered emails are some of the highest ROI-producing messages you can have in your arsenal.  Are you looking to increase your open and click-through rates by over 30%?  How about up to 3x your current conversion rates?  Research has shown that triggered broadcast campaigns have done … Read More

A great new post on the B2C blog outlines 8 reasons why marketing automation fails.

Don’t let these common pitfalls get in the way of your marketing automation success.  We know about these challenges, and more importantly – how to overcome them.

We don’t let our clients fail with marketing … Read More

You may have heard the buzz, Canada is creating its first Anti SPAM law. Unlike the CAN SPAM we’re used to which only covers email, Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation aka CASL covers Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM):

Instant Messages
Social Media postings such as ‘tweets’
Some voice communications

Our … Read More

Here’s an interesting chart from the team at MarketingSherpa, about the different methods marketers use to improve email deliverability rates.

Some of the most popular options included:

Provide an easy unsubscribe process: 62% 

Measure and remove hard bounces: 51%
Clean lists regularly: 41%
Remove inactive subscribers: 39%
Maintain an opt-in only subscriber … Read More

Here’s a cool and interesting infographic about the level of trust that consumers have for different industries, when it comes to sharing their personal data.

A couple of relevant outcomes for marketers:

72% of respondents felt that email communications and online promotions do not speak to their needs.
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