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It seems like we’re always posting the “top 10 tips” for enhancing your marketing campaigns, but this one stands out.  We love all of the recommendations, and here are our favorites:

1.  It’s all about delivery, verification, and bounce reduction.
Permission-based lists and clean data have the best chance of getting … Read More

Here’s an interesting article about whether marketing automation software is essential for lead nurturing.

Our favorite point in favor of automation technology is that it gives marketers the ability to create automated, triggered, multi-step campaigns, which can take lead nurturing to a whole new level.  Sure, you can run … Read More

Technology has changed the way we do our jobs as Marketers. Have you embraced the new, modern world of marketing? Read more about 12 areas of internal and external influence on modern marketers today.

Email performance benchmarks are a stat most companies look for at least once per year. Where do you stack up against your industry? And how does your industry compare to others?

Are you properly leveraging personalization in your emails? Seems Dear First Name is much less influential than personalized product recommendations. Learn more.

Social technology is making it easier and more important for businesses to engage with customers.  It’s not just about listening to what your customers are saying on Facebook, but opening a real dialogue, and taking feedback into account for product development and marketing.

A great piece from this … Read More