Most of the DRs work remotely, and although it can sometimes be tough to communicate in business hours (our team meetings span 15 time zones!) it always reminds us of how technology has brought us closer together.
Given our global outlook, it occurred to us that it would be interesting to … Read More

The world is changing and we, as marketers, know this best. Some critics have touted that email is dead or dying, but the numbers are telling us otherwise. The fact is, email is still in its prime and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. What is changing, however, is where … Read More

Are you having trouble selling the benefits of a Marketing Automation system to your management team, because you are already using a CRM system? A recently-released white paper from Marketo addresses some common problems that CRMs can’t solve on their own, and describes the benefits of combining CRM … Read More

Writing fresh and inventive marketing content can be troublesome and sometimes downright grueling. As marketers, we are always looking for unique ways to get our messages across, whether for our latest campaigns or our company blogs. We launched the DR blog almost two years ago, and we still find it … Read More

Gartner has published this year’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management.  A few interesting points in the report include:

Definitive Results is proud to support the 2 Leaders in the quadrant, Marketo and Oracle Eloqua.
Teradata’s Aprimo did not meet the criteria to be included in this year’s quadrant.
When asked to … Read More

We can’t stop talking about a recent post on the Celerity blog, about embracing “lovable imperfection.”  The argument is that in the insanely fast-paced world of marketing and technology, we simply don’t have the time or resources to be perfectionists anymore.  Not only do we, as marketers, need … Read More

Do you love Eloqua? Are you in the DC area? Do you frequent Topliners and love the people there? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should join us cool kids on Thursday, September 18th for our DC Eloqua User Group event!

If you haven’t heard, we … Read More

If there is one consistent about marketing audiences, it’s that they are ever-changing.  However, it is not every year that a new generation enters the scene.  It is exciting to see how a new group of adults has grown and evolved considering the environment that surrounded their formative years.  Generation … Read More

A recent post on the Eloqua blog highlighted some key strategies for maximizing your marketing automation investment. The strategies focus on three key areas for success:

Prove the value of adopting marketing automation, before a tool is selected. Focus on specific benefits and process improvements. Involve key stakeholders in … Read More

According to the latest Epsilon 1Q 2014 Email Trends and Benchmark Report, we’re experiencing a 6% increase in email open rates over last year to the tune of 32.9%. Excellent, right?  Not so much…

Click-through rates aren’t fairing as well.  They have currently hit a low point at 4.3%. … Read More

Scenario: You’re working on getting a campaign off the ground in Eloqua. The deadline is early next week. The weekend is quickly approaching and disaster strikes…an “eloquirk” rears its ugly head. And, of course it’s something you have never encountered. You need support, but not just regular support. You need … Read More

Sure, “social” has been a hype word for some time now. We’ve seen the icons, tags, and ads. What shocks me is that after all this time, social marketing is still not being done properly. It astounds me that most companies are doing social just because everyone else is.

Let me … Read More