Welcome to Part Two of our Marketo Q1 2016 Release Blog Series! In Part One, we covered some straightforward system changes, such as updates for Outlook 2016 and Microsoft Edge, and then touched upon just a little bit … Read More

On Friday February 5th, Marketo unleashed their Winter (Q1) 2016 Release. Did you catch all of the updates? Some of these are pretty impactful, we will cover a few of them in a Three Part Blog Series.

Microsoft Edge Browser
Microsoft Outlook 2016
Microsoft Dynamics Enhancements
Program API
Lead Database Dashboard
Email Program Head Start
Facebook Lead … Read More

Even ice and rain couldn’t keep the DC Eloqua fans from a great gathering on Tuesday! Our gracious Oracle hosts provided a fancy room, yummy eats and an ultra-informative session led by Thamina Christensen.  Among the goodies she shared were:

Program Canvas – When they launched E10, we all wanted to … Read More

Are you using Cloud Connectors in your Eloqua Campaigns or Cloud Components on your Eloqua Landing Pages?  If so, Oracle is decommissioning these two services.  The critical dates are:

July 1st, 2016 – After this date, marketers will not able to add legacy Cloud Connectors and … Read More

When you log into Eloqua after the February Release (Version 477), be prepared for a completely redesigned User Interface!  Don’t panic, we’re here to give you the deets of what you’ll find in this brighter, new look and feel.

My Eloqua Page

The first thing you’ll notice is the new My Eloqua … Read More

Join us for the first DC Area Eloqua User Group (EUG) meeting of the year on Tuesday, February 16. To start off the year, our speaker is Thamina Christensen, the Group Product Manager at Oracle.  She will show us the cool new features of … Read More

Our latest post discussed how marketers must change their strategies to survive in the “Age of the Customer”. A large number of these customers will be members of “Generation Z”. Who are Gen Z exactly? Many of us are raising them now! These are … Read More

The marketing world continues to try to find ways to remain relevant to consumers in what Forrester is calling the “Age of the Customer”. In this digital era, empowered customers have real-time access to extensive information about a company’s products and services, as well as reputation and pricing. As a … Read More

Need help getting back into action in 2016? Check out our top 5 blog posts of 2015!

1. How Does Your MA Platform Rank – Gartner
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How does the DR team stay on top of the latest trends? Learning from and networking with our peers! We’ve compiled a list of marketing events from coast to coast (and Vegas a few times) that will surely provide excellent opportunities to join with the best of modern marketers across … Read More

We are always seeking cool examples of marketing automation in action. This post provides great insight into how the Obama administration uses marketing automation for campaign efforts! The best part about the post is that it highlights the notion that the success of … Read More

We all try to make resolutions for the new year. Go to a gym after work and you’ll see how many people have vowed to exercise!  As with diet and exercise, your marketing automation new year’s resolutions shouldn’t just be a January fad.

Hopefully you followed our advice and have already … Read More