Do you know how to escalate your Oracle Service Request?

Do you know how to escalate your Oracle Service Request?

Scenario: You’re working on getting a campaign off the ground in Eloqua. The deadline is early next week. The weekend is quickly approaching and disaster strikes…an “eloquirk” rears its ugly head. And, of course it’s something you have never encountered. You need support, but not just regular support. You need it fast! So you hop on the Oracle Support portal. Sure, you’ve logged plenty of service requests in the past and after the typical back and forth, your issues were resolved. But this time is different; you don’t have the time for back and forth. You need a resolution now. What do you do? ESCALATE.

Oracle resolves requests according to the priority or severity of an issue. So the more severe an issue is, the higher it’ll be ranked which expedites the problem resolution process on their end. Of course, there are certain guidelines outlined by Oracle on when it’s appropriate to escalate. Customers should escalate an issue when they:

  • Encounter a critical roadblock or showstopper to implementation or upgrade plans.
  • Urgently need to communicate important business issues to managers in Oracle Support.
  • Are dissatisfied with the resolution or response to a Service Request.

But how? In short, you must request the escalation and why on the Service Request in the Support Portal AND call Oracle Support. Here’s a great quick guide that will help you get the support you need a little quicker in a pinch.

We hope you don’t have to escalate too often but when you do, we hope this helps!

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