Marketing with a Human Element

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Marketing with a Human Element

Often there is a perception that marketing automation systems give your marketing efforts a robotic or mechanical vibe. (Think Robodial!) But a great article on the B2C blog details why MA systems help you achieve the exact opposite, by adding a human element to your customer interactions without draining your resources.

MA systems can automate some of the daily needs of your relationships, to keep them moving along:

  • Introducing yourself and your business, and learning new things about your contacts. Web forms can gather contact details, tracking visitor behavior on your site gives you an idea of contacts’ interests, and emailing contacts after the first meeting reminds them that you want to be buds!
  • Getting to know your contacts by paying attention to their activity on your site, or which links they click in a given email, will help you build useful profiles. This lets you customize the content you suggest for each contact, or build targeted offers based on their actual needs.
  • Learning your audience’s habits and preferences allows you to time and target your interactions, so your messages aren’t lost because they’re sent at the wrong moment, or with content that’s of no interest.
  • MA systems can help you handle the everyday tasks that help to build friendships. Thank-you notes, reminders about upcoming events, and nurturing activities are all made infinitely easier with the right software.

Using a marketing automation system to manage these responsibilities lets you focus on other important things, like creating great content, delivering awesome customer service, and nurturing your team so they have the best skills and ideas.

Finding the right MA system can be daunting, though. The DRs have your back! Check out our Marketing Automation Vendor Comparison Guide, or get in touch.

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