Kortne Ussery

Kortne Ussery
Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant – Kortne Ussery

Kortne is a passionate marketer with over a decade of experience in digital marketing, automation
and building sales funnels. Early in her career she became fascinated with the endless possibilities
within automation and never looked back. Since, she has worked with dozens of brands, big and
small, to utilize MarTech to its fullest.

What started out as a volunteer request to write the weekly newsletter at a small marketing agency,
in 2012, blossomed into an unexpected career path. After years of working in traditional marketing,
Kortne was refreshed by MarTech’s rapid growth in capabilities, creative opportunity and real time
data to measure results.

Since, Kortne has spent most of her marketing days mapping out digital sales strategies and
creating customer journeys with serendipitous email communications to match.

She is an open-door communicator and always excited to talk automation and digital sales strategy.