Kevin Heaney

Kevin Heaney
Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant – Kevin Heaney

Kevin Heaney is a Senior Marketing Automation Consultant at Definitive Results with 10+ years of marketing operations and sales experience. In his time in MarkOps, Kevin has worked with a variety of MAPs, initially working with Eloqua for a number of years and then Pardot as well as Marketo. Throughout a series of mergers and acquisitions, Kevin was able to gain varied experiences with different technologies and CRM systems as well, such as Salesforce, Pivotal, and C4C. Each project and pivot has provided different challenges and projects that Kevin has had the pleasure to learn and figure out new tools along the way.

In his previous role, Kevin had the pleasure of working with Definitive Results from the client side of things and had nothing but great experiences. He has worked on teams as large as 60 and as small as 5, so to be able to work with a firm that works with a variety of companies on different scales and so many different projects is exciting.

When he’s not working on building emails or engagement programs, troubleshooting lead routing issues, and whatever else may fall into the world of marketing, Kevin likes to keep busy with a variety of hobbies and taking care of his son, Henry (7), and two dogs, Nugget (14) and Snoop (about to be 17!). Growing up and being the oldest of five boys, Kevin was always being challenged by his brothers and it made him (as well as all his brothers) very competitive. Throughout the years, he played basketball, baseball, football, and soccer (even winning a state championship in high school!) and was very involved with music, playing the piano, violin, viola, trumpet, and guitar. To this day, Kevin likes picking up new hobbies and learning things along the way—over the last ten years or so, Kevin has taken a keen liking to gardening as well as all things spicy.