Amber Handby

Amber Handby
Director, MarTech Consulting

Director, MarTech Consulting – Amber Handby

Amber Handby is a digital marketing and content expert, who has worked closely with B2B, startups, and mission-based businesses to optimize their sales funnels and conversions.

Amber started her career as an entrepreneur, founding and then selling a yoga business, before setting her sights on a career in marketing, when she completed a marketing degree at Metro State in Denver. From there, she launched into roles with a large corporation, a tech startup, and eventually marketing agencies. Most of her work has been remote, which has led her to study best practices in project management and goal setting.

Tools like HubSpot and Asana are some of Amber’s favorites when it comes to working with growing businesses. She is Sales and Marketing HubSpot certified and enjoys creating workflows and emails in HubSpot. The strategy behind the work is just as important as the work itself, so Amber usually leads into client conversations by asking their priorities and goals so that we can align the work with the larger picture.

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