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The holidays are upon us, and this is a perfect time to pick up some marketing ideas and tricks for next year.

First in our lineup of holiday reads – a handy list of social media marketing tips from Eloqua.  We like the idea of posting more photos to … Read More

Here’s an interesting chart from the team at MarketingSherpa, about the different methods marketers use to improve email deliverability rates.

Some of the most popular options included:

Provide an easy unsubscribe process: 62% 

Measure and remove hard bounces: 51%
Clean lists regularly: 41%
Remove inactive subscribers: 39%
Maintain an opt-in only subscriber … Read More

It seems like we’re always posting the “top 10 tips” for enhancing your marketing campaigns, but this one stands out.  We love all of the recommendations, and here are our favorites:

1.  It’s all about delivery, verification, and bounce reduction.
Permission-based lists and clean data have the best chance of getting … Read More

Check out this fun infographic from Marketo, and learn how advances in radio, television, the internet, social media, and the arrival of marketing automation technology, have paved the way for modern marketing as we know it today.Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation was created by the Marketo Marketing Automation … Read More

Technology has changed the way we do our jobs as Marketers. Have you embraced the new, modern world of marketing? Read more about 12 areas of internal and external influence on modern marketers today.

A new study conducted by the Platt Retail Institute and the American Marketing Association has identified some really interesting points about budget allocation in marketing.

The study compared the budget allocation of 11 different marketing channels, to their perceived ROI and importance.

The study suggests that marketers are spending too … Read More