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According to the latest Epsilon 1Q 2014 Email Trends and Benchmark Report, we’re experiencing a 6% increase in email open rates over last year to the tune of 32.9%. Excellent, right?  Not so much…

Click-through rates aren’t fairing as well.  They have currently hit a low point at 4.3%. … Read More

Sure, “social” has been a hype word for some time now. We’ve seen the icons, tags, and ads. What shocks me is that after all this time, social marketing is still not being done properly. It astounds me that most companies are doing social just because everyone else is.

Let me … Read More

We hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend, and are enjoying summer! We stumbled across an interesting collection of marketing automation stats for 2014, and thought we’d share a few of the more surprising and interesting ones. (Incidentally, the article also confirms what we’ve been … Read More

Happy (almost) 4th of July!  We’re kicking off the long weekend with great links from around the web about content marketing.  Enjoy!

From MarketingProfs, a cool infographic about why your awesome content may not be going viral
From B2C, some content marketing lessons you don’t want to learn … Read More

Feeling overwhelmed by reporting?  Does your CEO want reports you don’t know how to set up?  Take some deep breaths and follow the sage advice of Maria von Trapp… “Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.”

As with many areas of marketing automation, reporting is a deep … Read More

Sometimes in marketing, it’s very easy to get ahead of ourselves. We live in a world of hurry-up and wait or more likely wait and then hurry-up! We wait on budgets, executive decisions, compliance, etc. Then we get the green light and suddenly we are in a hurry to get … Read More