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A new article from MarketingProfs outlines how you can master mobile marketing with three easy principles: immediacy, simplicity, and context.

Immediacy:  According to Google, 63% of mobile search-triggered actions happen within one hour of the initial search.  Ensure your marketing efforts target not only your audience, but also their devices.  People … Read More

Here’s a great article from MarketingProfs with some reminders about engaging your audience, and building customer profiles and relationships.

We appreciated the tips on being strategic about the information you gather from customers.  In short – don’t ask for information you’re not going to use.  Only ask about … Read More

Here’s another helpful holiday read – a 6-step plan for responding to negative social media comments.  This will be especially relevant for those who are hoping to increase their social media presence in 2014!


Here’s an interesting article about whether marketing automation software is essential for lead nurturing.

Our favorite point in favor of automation technology is that it gives marketers the ability to create automated, triggered, multi-step campaigns, which can take lead nurturing to a whole new level.  Sure, you can run … Read More

Check out this fun infographic from Marketo, and learn how advances in radio, television, the internet, social media, and the arrival of marketing automation technology, have paved the way for modern marketing as we know it today.Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation was created by the Marketo Marketing Automation … Read More

A new study by social intelligence company, Syncapse, calculated a single Facebook friend’s value for a brand at $174.17!  This is a 28 per cent increase since 2010!

Still wondering whether it’s worth investing in your company’s social media presence?  Check out the full article … Read More