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Here’s an interesting chart from the team at MarketingSherpa, about the different methods marketers use to improve email deliverability rates.

Some of the most popular options included:

Provide an easy unsubscribe process: 62% 

Measure and remove hard bounces: 51%
Clean lists regularly: 41%
Remove inactive subscribers: 39%
Maintain an opt-in only subscriber … Read More

It seems like we’re always posting the “top 10 tips” for enhancing your marketing campaigns, but this one stands out.  We love all of the recommendations, and here are our favorites:

1.  It’s all about delivery, verification, and bounce reduction.
Permission-based lists and clean data have the best chance of getting … Read More

Are you properly leveraging personalization in your emails? Seems Dear First Name is much less influential than personalized product recommendations. Learn more.

You probably already know that one of the most important parts of a marketing email is the subject line.  It has to be interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention, of course, but it also needs to prevent the email from being identified as spam.


Here is a … Read More

Email still tops the list for effective communication tool. How can you best engage and keep in touch with recipients? The Eloqua blog offers three tips to improve email communication.