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Let’s face it, transitioning into the new Oracle Support portal is a bit daunting. Not only is the Oracle Support portal for Eloqua, but it also contains support issues and content for EVERY piece of Oracle hardware and software on the market. That’s A LOT to … Read More

I went to the Austin Modern Marketing Tour on April 24.  In a nutshell, it was very good and I’d recommend it to any Texans (and surrounding state Modern Marketers).  I left it excited to implement new ideas here at DR and we have!  You’ll see a shift in our … Read More

It’s no surprise that triggered emails are some of the highest ROI-producing messages you can have in your arsenal.  Are you looking to increase your open and click-through rates by over 30%?  How about up to 3x your current conversion rates?  Research has shown that triggered broadcast campaigns have done … Read More

The first Modern Marketing Tour stop was in Atlanta last week. As a longtime Eloqueen, I was very interested to see what the new tour would be like now that the Oracle acquisition has more firmly taken hold. Here is Definitive Results’ take on the first tour stop:

Great customer presentations! … Read More

You may have heard the buzz, Canada is creating its first Anti SPAM law. Unlike the CAN SPAM we’re used to which only covers email, Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation aka CASL covers Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM):

Instant Messages
Social Media postings such as ‘tweets’
Some voice communications

Our … Read More

A recent post on the Eloqua blog identified the best Eloqua reports for measuring your lead scoring efforts.  There are also several data and modelling tips that we found very helpful.


#MQLs by Lead Score and Geography
#MQLs Converted by Lead Score
#MQLs Rejected by lead Score

These three reports will help … Read More