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We can’t stop talking about a recent post on the Celerity blog, about embracing “lovable imperfection.”  The argument is that in the insanely fast-paced world of marketing and technology, we simply don’t have the time or resources to be perfectionists anymore.  Not only do we, as marketers, need … Read More

Here’s an interesting chart from the team at MarketingSherpa, about the different methods marketers use to improve email deliverability rates.

Some of the most popular options included:

Provide an easy unsubscribe process: 62% 

Measure and remove hard bounces: 51%
Clean lists regularly: 41%
Remove inactive subscribers: 39%
Maintain an opt-in only subscriber … Read More

Here’s an interesting article about whether marketing automation software is essential for lead nurturing.

Our favorite point in favor of automation technology is that it gives marketers the ability to create automated, triggered, multi-step campaigns, which can take lead nurturing to a whole new level.  Sure, you can run … Read More

Start by first understanding both the customer persona and lifecyle. Think outside the box of email opens and time frames and put your self in the decision process of the customer. Focus on number of page views or number of forms completed to simplify the communication process. … Read More

Here is an interesting article to kick off your day.

A study published by Lenskold Group / Pedowitz Group in 2012 indicated that companies using marketing automation report increases in leads, sales and revenue metrics.

Over 60% reported better quality leads generated and passed to sales, and almost half … Read More