Eloqua to Roll Out Redwood Experience, Reporting API, and More in May 2023

Eloqua to Roll Out Redwood Experience, Reporting API, and More in May 2023

Definitive Results Release Notes Eloqua May 2023It can prove challenging to get the most out of your Eloqua instance, but the recent release notes can drive you closer towards mastering database health strategy.

What’s this we hear? You don’t have time to read the Eloqua quarterly release notes, consider the impact to your business, and execute process changes to improve your Eloqua instance!? 😉

No worries: here at Definitive Results, our team thrives on MarTech, and we’re here to understand and share the latest updates to help you maximize your ROI.

Please take a look at our latest takeaways from Eloqua’s May release. Reminder, all the updates will occur between May 5 and May 20, depending on the “POD” Eloqua places you in. Please voice any opinions in the comments about the Eloqua release—we would love to hear your thoughts!

Redwood Experience is now available for Eloqua. Launching in Eloqua’s limited controlled availability program in 23B means marketers can enjoy a consistent experience across the entire Oracle ecosystem.

One of the new features that Eloqua has added is intermediary unsubscribe pages that help protect against unintentional unsubscribes resulting from email scanning tools. With the updated feature, when the global unsubscribe link is clicked, it will direct the user to a page confirming their email address and unsubscribe preference. Users will be unsubscribed when they click the link on the confirmation page.

Another exciting new feature currently available in limited controlled availability is their new Reporting API that allows you to extract reporting data directly from the Insight data warehouse. This feature is a game-changer for marketers who want more control over their reporting and analytics. Reach out to our Eloqua experts to learn more about this—we’re excited, too!

Finally, Eloqua will add the Count of Total Custom Objects to the Marketing Operations Center. This will give marketers a better understanding of their custom objects and how they are used in their campaigns.

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What is Limited Controlled Availability? Sometimes, Eloqua releases its features using a phased approach: first to a small group of interested people, addressing any support tickets that might come in related to that feature, and then launching it for general availability in one of the future releases. This ensures that the new feature is thoroughly tested and any issues are resolved before making it available to a broader audience. With limited controlled availability, if you want access to the new feature or functionality, you just need to submit a support ticket and request the feature.

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