Top 4 Insights from Adobe Summit 2023

Top 4 Insights from Adobe Summit 2023

View from the seats at a session of Adobe Summit 2023Adobe Summit is back! All the people, sessions, amazing keynotes… Aaron Sorkin, Damar Hamlin, Peyton Manning, and the big bash at Area 15! It felt great to see people in person and to catch up with like-minded MarTech geeks (which we say out of love!) who have so many stories to share. The energy was great!

Here are our top takeaways from Adobe Summit 2023:

  • Artificial intelligence: Not surprisingly, AI was all the rage. Adobe announced Firefly—their new image AI product—and leveraged it throughout the conference. With Firefly, marketers can quickly and easily enhance photographs, generate images, edit videos, and more. This is added to their stack of already existing AI tools.
  • Full-stack approach: The debate between best-in-breed and full-stack approaches for tech stacks has been ongoing for years. But this year, we saw a stronger presence for the full-stack approach than we’ve ever seen before.
  • In-person is back: And in a big way! Adobe Summit 2023 felt like a return to normalcy, with full rooms and the energy of being in the same space as like-minded professionals. Seeing people we haven’t seen in-person in a few years made for great reconnection in a way that Zoom just can’t replace.
  • Teamwork: In a meaningful session, Peyton Manning interviewed Damar Hamlin and they had an interesting conversation about teamwork. Damar Hamlin shared that when he went to play for the Buffalo Bills, he told his coach he would “be the mascot or the waterboy if that would help the team most”—and that this has been his attitude throughout his life. What a winning approach and no doubt a big contributor to his success! This attitude is a valuable lesson for marketing teams.

In an upcoming blog post, we’ll be diving deeper into the Marketo roadmap and sharing our thoughts on the latest updates and features. Stay tuned!

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