New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Just for the Gym

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New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Just for the Gym

We all have our New Year resolutions. If you go to a gym at the beginning of January, you’ll see how many people have vowed to exercise! As with diet and exercise, your marketing automation New Year resolutions shouldn’t just be a January fad.

Now that we’re settling into the new year, you don’t want to let your marketing automation strategy slide—keep up the momentum! Creating your strategic plan was the hard part, now you get to execute it and grow your marketing.

While executing your marketing automation strategy, we recommend keeping your calendar out on your desk and in sight. Don’t forget to follow it when planning all of your campaigns; it’s ok if your plans change, because you can modify your strategic plan as long as you’re replacing your new feature or test with another valuable opportunity. Just don’t skip any scheduled opportunities for growth. If you feel stuck or like you may fall off the wagon, we’re here to help!

Now that your tests are running and you’re leveraging new features, don’t forget to:

  • Analyze and review your results with your teams. There’s no reason for every member of your team to have to run every test and learn every new feature on their own. Sharing the knowledge you’ve gained will allow your whole team to learn and grow to mature your overall marketing efforts.
  • Track your results and learnings. It’s important to keep a history of what you’ve learned so that you can reference it moving forward. This will help you gain higher level insights into what works, and it will also help new team members onboard and get up to speed with what the rest of the team already knows. A singular result doesn’t mean you’ll always get the same answer with that test, but by documenting your test results and learnings, you can examine trends over time which will help you optimize your marketing strategy.
  • Build on your previous learnings. Every business has a unique target audience that will require a custom marketing automation strategy, however, previous learnings can result in common trends that make determining your next move more strategic. When you find something that works, don’t stop there—take it to the next step to find the complete optimal setup of message, audience, and timing.

If you need some assistance getting your marketing automation strategy up and running, give us a call to learn how we can help!

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